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Business & Commercial Insurance

We offer a variety of coverage to protect your business or other commercial entities, including:

Commercial Property
Property insurance pays for losses and damages to real or business personal property from a variety of "perils". While coverage may vary, generally it provides for repair or replacement caused by:
  • Fire, weather, Equipment Failure,
  • Explosions, Collapse of roof or walls
  • Damage by vehicles,
  • Theft or burglary
  • Vandalism and malicious mischief,
Tenant's Insurance
If you lease your commercial space and have made significant improvements, you should have insurance with specified coverage limits that pay for damage.
Business interruption and extra expense
If a covered situation causes you to close for three months, business interruption insurance covers expenses and lost income including net profits , rents, salaries and other expenses for that period of time. It can also provide protection for setting up a temporary business operation as well as a variety of other costs.
Builder's Risk
If you are building a new commercial or residential property , builders risk insurance covers structures in the process of being constructed. If a partially-completed building is destroyed in a fire, builder's risk insurance covers your losses. It can be purchased for one specific project or multiple ongoing projects.
Contractor equipment insurance
Contractors carry tools, equipment, spare parts and other items important to the profession in a vehicle that moves with the contractor. An automobile policy does not cover your business equipment. Contractors need special coverage. A contractor may choose to schedule equipment or purchase a blanket policy depending on their individual needs.
Contractor installation insurance
Contractors, electricians, plumbers or other artisan may install some expensive materials or units as part of their job. They need this type of coverage for damage or losses that could occur during installation as well as losses that can occur during transportation or temporary storage prior to installation.
Ordinance or law insurance
Building property insurance only pays for replacement value not upgrade costs. If you own an older building that is partially destroyed by a covered loss, you may find that local codes require it to be brought up to current building code standards during the rebuilding process. This coverage covers costs associated with these requirements.
Service or care of other property
If a business involves the service, repair or storage of other people's property, they need "bailee" insurance protection in the event that it is lost or damaged while in their care.
Commercial Liability
Liability insurance protects you from claims of injury or damage to third parties. A general business liability policy provides coverage for more common risks of bodily injury to customers or visitors to your premises or property damage.
Specialized liability insurance options
General liability insurance does not protect against professional negligence that can lead to an expensive legal defense. Depending on the type of business there are a variety of specialized protection options to consider, such as employment practices, errors and omissions, directors and officers liability, Internet liability, and commercial umbrella.